Canada Immigration Program

Canada is Calling High-Skilled Indians

Canada will welcome high Skilled Indian Professionals as the country seeks the best minds in the world to become a global innovation hub, Canadian minister for international trade François-Philippe Champagne. "Canada wants to emerge as a global technological and innovation hub," said Champagne. "We want to attract the best minds in the world, including those from India. We want to create a win-win situation for both our countries." The minister's comments come amid moves in the US to impose curbs on visas for skilled workers. India is among the top source country for permanent residencies in Canada. In 2016 alone, over 32,000 Indians were given Permanent Residencies by the North American country. In 2015, over 39,000 Indians were given PR status by Ottawa. The Canadian parliament has 19 MPs of Indian origin and this includes some top cabinet ministers. Indians comprise 3.8% of Canada's population. Canada is also emerging as a favorite destination for Indian Students. Pointing out that India will be Canada's springboard for the rest of South Asia and Southeast Asia, Champagne said that trade creates growth and that in turn creates jobs. "India and Canada are therefore looking to set a joint time-frame for CEPA (comprehensive economic partnership agreement) and the two sides are looking to conclude Investment Protection treaty soon.