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Hong Kong is an attractive destination if you wish to immigrate and work in another country. If you possess the right combination of qualifications and professional experience, you may be eligible for a work visa to Hong Kong with Hong Kong Immigration Visa. Unlike some other countries, Hong Kong has no quota on the number of people who can live and work in Hong Kong as a skilled migrant.

  1. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)
  2. Basic eligibility criteria
  3. Point Based test
  4. Occupation list

Hong Kong is a free economy with almost negligible tax rates which makes it an attractive business destination. Country's residency status can be acquired much easier after a stay of few months only. There are many benefits extended to the residents which facilitates a comfortable living including education for children.

Hong Kong has a vibrant economy and numerous attractive choices are available for applicant possessing appropriate expertise and skills. For such applicants, Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is an attractive option. Businessmen and investors have the option to immigrate to Hong Kong under the Hong Kong's Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. The other possibilities available to obtain a visa are the General Employment Policy (GEP) Program (for trained manpower with an offer of employment), & the General Points Test (GPT).

If you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong Skilled Migrant and possess the right qualifications, skills and experience for which Hong Kong desires, you may be eligible to obtain a visa under the GEP. You must have a confirmed offer of employment when applying and the vacancy must be in an occupation relevant to your skills and qualifications. It should also be an occupation that cannot be easily filled by local labor. You must not have a criminal record or otherwise represent a security risk.

General Points Test (GPT)

This is a points-based arrangement under which, the visa-petitions of the candidates are examined against a combination of requirements such as age, language skills, academic credentials, as well as job-experience. Under this scheme, it's not mandatory to have an offer of employment from a Hong Kong Employer. The candidates require a minimum score of 80 points, under the GPT test to qualify for the visa, which is subject to change at times.

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