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MBA – The Most Chosen Australian Course by Overseas Students

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Most Chosen Australian Course – MBA – Akkam Overseas
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Students from all over the world choose Australia as their destination country for education and career building. This is because of the standard of the education system in Australia. There are lots of Schools, Universities, Vocational Education and Training sectors in Australia where you can grow and build your career. There are various courses too to choose from. But what’s the most popular and preferred Australian course?

According to 2018 statistics revealed by TEQSA the Registered Higher Education Providers, “around 50% of the international students choose or study MBA or Management and Commerce courses. There has been a 4% increase in the international student’s enrolments for the Management and Commerce courses in Australia as compared to the previous year.”

IT, Engineering & other Allied Technologies are next to MBA as per the choice of international students in Australia. This choice is again followed by services like Hospitality, Food, and Personal Services. Within 3 consecutive years, there has been an increase in students’ enrolments by 60%. So why overseas students choose MBA – Masters of Business Administration as their best Australian course?

Why Overseas Students in Australia Choose MBA?

Overseas students in Australia choose MBA as their primary course of study due to the two primary reasons listed below:

  • Internationally Recognized MBA programs offered by Australia at popular and prestigious Universities of Australia.
  • A host of other advantages as offered by Australia for international students.

Currently, Australia offers MBA programs in 50 prestigious Australian Universities with the enhanced focus of intake of a large number of international students studying in Australia.

Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity for overseas students who want to pursue their education. Practical along with the theoretical learning is the trademark of the Australian education system which attracts students from all corners of the world.

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