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Canada’s immigration minister shares coronavirus updates

Marco Mendicino participated in a Q&A session this morning discussing how the coronavirus pandemic will affect Canada’s immigration system in the coming months and years.


Marco Mendicino shared several updates this morning on how the coronavirus will impact Canada’s immigration system in the near future.

In a 60-minute discussion with the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section, the immigration minister touched on topics such as immigration levels, temporary foreign workers, and international students.

Immigration Levels: Canada will remain open to immigrants after COVID-19

“Immigration will absolutely be key to our success and our economic recovery,” Mendicino said.

“We continue to rely on immigration, it will be an economic driver and this will be the North Star of our policy going forward.”

Mendicino observed that COVID-19 will not change Canada’s long-term demographic trends. Canada’s worker-to-retiree ratio is declining, which means that the country will continue to need immigrants to drive economic growth.

He also noted that this is not the first time Canada has faced a pandemic and economic challenges, however, Canada has continued to grow in spite of such challenges thanks in part to welcoming immigrants.

The minister said the federal government will consult with stakeholders on the future of Canada’s intake levels in advance of its annual immigration levels plan announcement this fall.

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