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Revised Canadian Citizenship Rules Increased the Number of Canadians

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Canadian Citizenship Rules Increased the number of Canadians - Akkam Overseas
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The number of people obtaining the citizenship of Canada has shown an epic rise. All thanks to the revised rule of Canada’s government that made it easier to obtain Canadian citizenship.

IRCC, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada says, “around 152,000 people have received Canadian citizenship since new changes were introduced”. The new changed have reduced the number of days a permanent resident have to be present physically in Canada before applying for Canadian citizenship.

As per old rules, a permanent resident had to present physically in Canada for 4-6 years in order to apply for Canadian citizenship. This now has been reduced to 3 years since 11th October 2017.

There has been a 40% increase in receiving Canadian citizenship in 12 months after the changes have been revised and took an effect. This increase was over the same 12-month in 2016-2017, according to IRCC.

The number of application for Canadian citizenship rose to 242,680 after 9 months of the revised rules. This is an increase of more than 130% as compared to the 102,261 applications received on 2016-2017.

Canada has also limited the knowledge and language requirements for Canadian citizenship which were mandatory before for the applicants aged between 14-64 years and 18-54 years.

The Canadian government made some important changes in its Citizenship Act under Bill C-6 which offers great flexibility for the Canadian citizen to meet the requirements. One year later, there are differences in results due to the effect of the changes made, said Ahmed Hussen, the Canadian Immigration Minister.

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