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Coronavirus has increased interest in immigrating to Canada

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Most prospective immigrants in a recent WES survey say they are more worried about negative economic impacts in their home country than in Canada.

The economic impacts of coronavirus have largely not changed people’s plans to immigrate to Canada. The survey was conducted by WES from April 15 to 21 in an effort to understand how COVID-19 affected the intentions of prospective Canadian immigrants. Of the 4,615 people who responded to a recent survey from World Education Services (WES), 38% say they are more interested in immigrating to Canada, 57% say that the pandemic does not impact their interest, and 5% say they are less interested.

Most are still interested despite worsening job prospects. The loss of job opportunities in a respondent’s occupation in Canada had the biggest impact on attitudes toward the move, with 31% saying it would make them less interested to come to Canada. Even so, the majority, 46%, said job loss would not impact them.


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