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Eligibility to apply for Germany job seeker visa

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Germany job seeker visa
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Europe is a continent that attracts many students, job seekers from in and around the world. In Europe, Germany is not just only a magnificent company but it also comes under one of the most prominent countries. With tremendous advancement and a very low unemployment rate, it is considered as the best place to get a job. Moreover, this country renders free education to its citizens and is extremely safe and beautiful for working and for settling permanently.

Germany can also be listed in those countries which are recruiting extremely qualified employees in highly paid positions and encouraging all skilled and young people to come to visit and look for the desired places for working. Therefore, if you decided to work in Germany, the primary thing you need to do is to acquire a job seeker visa in Germany. For this, you can also contact Germany job Seeker visa consultant company that can simplify your process.

What is a job seeker visa?

Germany’s job seeker visa is actually a long-range Residency Permit that enables you to live in Germany for a period of six months and you can search for a job. If you have found a job within six months, you will be getting a Germany work permit or a Germany work visa. With this type of visa, you can work and reside there. Here is a gentle reminder that if you have acquired a job visa in Germany it does not immediately permit you to begin working instantly there. You can just visit the country and search for your desired job during the stay that suits you.

So to acquire the job seeker visa to work in Germany, then you require the following

  • You should be eligible for applying
  • Collect all the required documents
  • Fill an application form and schedule an appointment for Visa.

Eligibility for applicants

Actually, there are a lot of norms that you have to accomplish to get eligible for applying job seeker visa for Canada

  • You should have a Master’s Degree from any of the German universities or any similar foreign degree.
  • You should at least have five years of expertise and experience in your relevant area of study.
  • You should be having medical or travel insurance for your complete stay in the country or till your work visa gets approved.

If you thoroughly went through all the terms and conditions, then you are a step nearer to acquiring your visa.

Documents required for application

Now you need to be ready with your necessary set of documents that are going to be attached to your application form. These documents ensure that your application will not get rejected immediately on the reasons for not meeting the terms and conditions, so you should definitely make certain that you possess all of them. Some Germany visa consultants can aid you at every stage of the visa process by simplifying the whole process.

The list of required documents

  • A legitimate passport (that is issued in the past 10 years and that is valid for a minimum of 12 months following your planned return)
  • A photostat of the information page of your passport.
  • Three passport size pictures depending on bio metric specifications
  • A letter where you will be explaining the main goal of your visit, the way you are planning to find a job, and an alternative work plan if you are unable to get a job.
  • A proof of your academic qualifications along with certificates of your previous job experience if any.
  • A detailed CV (curriculum Vitae)
  • A proof of your financial documents to ensure that you will cover the expenses of your stay in Germany by submitting any of the below-mentioned documents
  • A formal responsibility letter by a sponsor who is staying in Germany
  • Statement of your bank account

If you have all the required documents, then you will fill an application form German Embassy office for acquiring the job seeker visa. Then you will be called for an interview.

Ultimately, if you are permitted to work in Germany, get a good job and immediately apply for the permanent resident visa if you want to settle permanently.

It is very difficult to do everything by yourself. So go for the best Germany visit visa Consultant that will make every step easy and simple.


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