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How to Get Citizenship of Australia If You Are an Indian

How to Get Citizenship of Australia If You Are an Indian
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Australia has turned out to be the most preferred destination for immigration and citizenship in recent years. Unlike countries like America and the UK which have strict immigration rules, Australia welcomes immigrants through its lenient immigration procedure.

Thus, the aspirant of Australia immigration can have enhanced lifestyle, infrastructure, living standards, and professional opportunities. Australia in returns gets the highly skilled workers and professionals for the industries which are facing skill shortage.

How you can become a citizen of Australia

In order to get citizenship in Australia, you will have to apply for a permanent residency visa which provides you most of the rights and privileges same as a citizen. It also lets you and your eligible family members to reside, work and study in any region of Australia.

Apply for Australian PR visa

General Skilled Migration program of Australia consists of Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190. These visas are point tested permanent visas. If you haven’t got any nomination or sponsorship from Australia, then Subclass 189 visa is the best visa category to apply.

You may apply in online Skill Select System and get at least 65 points based on work experience, age, language skills, and education.

Higher the point score, better are the chances to get Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR visa from immigration authorities. You must submit a PR visa application with required documents within 60 days if you are invited. You will get your PR Visa approved if your application and documents are found correct.

When can you apply for Australian Citizenship?

After you have spent four years in Australia as a permanent resident, you can finally apply for Australian Citizenship. You will be asked to appear for the Citizenship test, and if you clear the exam, you will be awarded with Citizenship.

What are the requirements of Citizenship in Australia?

In order to apply for citizenship in Australia, you need to:

  • Be above 18 years when you submit the application for citizenship
  • Successfully clear a citizenship test
  • Satisfy the residency requirement
  • Be a permanent resident when you are applying
  • Have a good character
  • To reside or continue to reside in Australia or maintain a close association with Australia

Need help to apply for PR Visa in Australia?

If you want to apply for permanent residency in Australia from India, you can get in touch with our qualified immigration experts for easy immigration. The immigration experts will first evaluate your profile and later suggest you the ideal pathway to apply for PR visa. Akkam Overseas provides you following immigration associated services:

  1. Application pre-assessment
  2. Documentation Assistance
  3. Online EOI Submission
  4. PR Visa Application Filing
  5. Online Profile Creation
  6. Letter Drafting
  7. Visa application follow up

In order to contact Akkam Overseas immigration expert, send your queries to Akkam Overseas through a mail at – contact@akkam.in.


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