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Why Should Overseas Investors Choose Australia?

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Why Overseas investors Choose Australia - Akkam Overseas
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Australia is a developed country rich in natural resources that attract more overseas investors every year. It has now emerged as the one among the top overseas destinations for the millionaires in 2018. According to a report in 2017, “11,000 rich immigrants were welcomed in Australia.” So why do overseas choose Australia for investment? Australia offers several benefits to the overseas investors.  Let’s discuss the reasons.

Steady and Standard Economy

Australia has a strong economy. It is now in its 27th year of steady annual economic growth after 1990-91.  It’s the only country to develop the economy to have no annual recessions from 1992-2016. Australia’s economic resilience, a record of such steady growth, and adaptability provide a low-risk, and safe environment for a business to grow and develop. Here are some highlights:

  • Australia is ranked as 13th largest in the World for its economy.
  • There is a forecast to release average annual GDP growth of 2.9% over the next 4 years 2018-2021.
  • Australia got characterized by the high production levels. 15 out of 20 industries rated Australia above the global average.
Skilled Labour Force Talent

Australia’s Labour Force Talent is the most multicultural, educated, and multilingual in the world. Australia has highly skilled workers because of its excellent and standard education system, availability of specialized training services, and the quality scientific research institutions.

Australia has a diverse workforce where 30% of skilled workers are born overseas. It has experienced a sustained period of growth in labour productivity exceeding real wages growth.

Highly successful Industries

Australia provides high-quality products and services to the world. Asia’s agricultural commodities, industrialization, and premium food are meeting demand for green, safe, and clean products. Its service-based standard and steady economy provide healthcare, education, wealth management, tourism, and other professional services to Asia. It’s ranked as 11th largest international tourism market and is a global top 10 producer of agricultural commodities. Not only this, it is the world’s 3rd most popular destination for immigrant students.

Here are the 5 Globally Successful Australian Industries

Globally Successful Australian Industries - Akkam Overseas
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Best Trade & Investment Base

Australia is in the best place for the international companies who are in business with Asia. It facilitates the smooth flow of investments, goods, and services with major economies across Asia, North America, and Europe. 10 out of 12 Australia’s top export markets in 2015-2016 were in the Asian region and rated above the investment grade. Its location and position offer double-edge. One through enhanced trade, geographical, and cultural links with the fast-growing Indo-Pacific region, and 2nd one through the link with 24 hours connectivity among the major time zones of the world in Asia, America, and Europe.

Strong Government

The government of Australia is among the best in the world due to its stable parliamentary democracy. Last year it was ranked as 12th in the Worldwide Governance Indicators of the World Bank.

Best Infrastructure for Businesses

Australia is designed and suited best for all requirements of a business. Efficient logistic chains, strategically located ports, and well-planned rail and road transport includes in its infrastructure. We hope you liked the information provided above.

All the above reasons attract more overseas investors every year in Australia.

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