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Canada Parents and Grandparents Program will Reopen on January 28

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Parents and Grandparents Program Canada - Akkam Overseas
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Canada will reopen the Parents and Grandparents Program on January 28, 2019, announced the Federal government of Canada. The program is known as PGP. This allows the permanent residents and citizens of Canada of 18+ age to be the sponsor for their parents and grandparents for Canada PR.

IRCC says up to 20,000 new PGP applications will get processed in 2019. Those who have an interest in sponsoring their parents and grandparents through PGP will first have to complete an online Interest to sponsor form. The form will be available on January 28 from afternoon Eastern Standard Time onwards.

IRCC will process the forms in the same order as they are received. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be issued to the PGP until the program’s cap of 20,000 applications will be met.

The lottery process of accepting applications is replaced by now the First in First served approach because it’s unfair to those who are waiting for years and years to sponsor their parents or/and grandparents.

Parents and Grandparents Program: How it Works

Completion of an Interest to Sponsor form is not an application. It’s the mean of notifying IRCC of your wish to be considered as a potential sponsor.

According to IRCC, the candidates who have interest in PGP should first check the eligibility requirements including the minimum threshold for the Minimum Necessary Income.

The potential sponsors must upload a copy of status in Canada document while submitting their interest to sponsor form.

All applicants who submit their online Interest to sponsor form will get the notification whether they have been invited or not. Those who will get an ITA will have 60 days to submit a complete application with all supporting documents.

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