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Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program: 2018 Reports

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Canada's Provincial Nominee - 2018 reports - Akkam Overseas
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The provincial nominee program of Canada plays an important role in the economic immigration programs of Canada. It has proved as the rising star in the year 2018. The provincial nominee program (PNP) allows the individual province to nominate a set of economic immigrants for Canada PR each year.

The nine provinces and two territories of Canada started the year 2018 with 34,700 nominations. This was an increase of 1,300 over 2017. The number of allocations will again be expected to rise in 2019.

PNP growth is reflecting in the increasing number of admissions through the provincial nominee program. These admissions include the nominated applicants and their families who land in Canada as permanent residents.

IRCC report noted that the PNP had grown exponentially since the year of its creation 1996 (only 233 immigrants were admitted through PNP).

According to IRCC 2018 reports, IRCC had targeted 55,000 admissions through PNP under its multi-year immigration level plan 2018-2021. This was an increase by 4,000 over 2017.

PNP admissions are projected to grow this year to 61,000 and reach by 71,300 in 2021.

2018 Reports: Provincial Nominee Program of Canada


Ontario issued 6,978 invitations in 2018 to the express entry candidates through its three express entry-linked streams, “Human Capital Priorities Stream, French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, and the Skilled Trades Stream.”

The Human Capital Priorities Stream alone issued a total of 3,719 invitations. The French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream issued 1,633 and the Skilled Trades Streams issued 1,626 invitations to the express entry candidates.

Change in CRS Norms

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) decided to revise the requirement of scoring at least 400 in order to be considered for a nomination. This major change in the Human Capital priorities Stream will influence its performance in coming months. Moving forward, the CRS score will be determined by the director of the program on the basis of the economic development priorities and the labor market needs of the province.


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has issued a total of 1,155 invitations to the express entry candidates in 2018.


The Alberta Express Entry Stream of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) issued a total of 596 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to the express entry candidates in 2018.

Nova Scotia

The Labour Market priorities Stream of Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) allows it to search for the express entry candidates from the pool with work experience in selected occupations that are facing labor shortages in Nova Scotia.

This stream has issued 341 invites to the express entry candidates with work experience as early childhood educators and assistants.

Nova Scotia Demand, Nova Scotia Experience, and the Labour Market Priorities Stream are the three streams of Nova Scotia linked with the Federal Express Entry System. These streams approved 1,095 of the 1,400 applications in 2018.


Saskatchewan issued a total of 1,763 invitations to the express entry candidates and 2,317 invitations through the Occupation In-Demand Sub-category (switched to Expression of Interest in July 2018).

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