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Tips to Improve your Express Entry Application during Social Distancing

Social distancing is something that has become part of our life in today’s scenario dominated by the Coronavirus that caused millions of lives. Though the corona pandemic made the whole world stand still for a while, now the situation is getting better day by day.

No matter what is your dream, you should continue to put your efforts to achieve it irrespective of the current scenario. If you are searching for a better country to migrate, Canada can be the right option for you.

Be it getting a dream job or finding the right business opportunities, Canada entices people from across the world for various reasons. Getting a Canadian permanent residence visa is something that excites everyone.

Well, if you also have the same dream, we are going to help you in achieving the same. We are going to explain here various tips that will let you improve your express entry application. And thus, you can easily manage to get a Canadian permanent residence visa.

Ways to Enhance your Express Entry Application for Canadian Permanent Residence:

Language Proficiency

While talking about the best way to improve Express Entry Application, it’s crucial to start from none other than language proficiency. To enhance your CRS score, you need to be either proficient in French or English language.

It’s true that you will hardly find any testing centers open in today’s corona scenario. You can still get the ball in your court. You can do preparation on your own through thorough practice and can gain full language proficiency.

In today’s social distancing scenario, you will not get any disturbance from anyone and thus, can easily focus on your preparation. Getting proficiency in the French language is something that will definitely help you in increasing the points that you will be able to earn for the Express Entry application.

After completing the preparation, you can then appear for the test once the center reopens.

Reference Letter

Reference letters are the other most crucial documents that you need to provide only once you get ITA. But, you get only 60 days to prepare your reference letter and provide it. Reference letters work as proof that you are skilled labor with enough experience. So, it is a specific letter rather than a simple letter.

Once you get ITA, then you will be asked to provide the reference letter that works as proof that you have earned 6 years of experience as skilled labor. To create your reference letter, you should include the following crucial documents.

  • Job Title
  • Employment Details
  • Salary Details
  • Weekly Average Hours
  • List of Employment Duties

It’s advisable to prepare your reference letters even before getting ITA issued to you to avoid any hassle in the later stage.

Other Necessary Documents

Apart from the reference letters, you should be also focused on preparing several other documents. Take a look at all these documents.

  • Check the expiry date of your passport. If it’s going to expire soon, you should renew it immediately.
  • Make sure you have a valid date of birth certificate. If not, you should act immediately to get the authorized certificate issued from the concerned body. The certificate should mention the date of birth and place clearly with your parent’s name.
  • If you have any relatives in Canada, then you have to arrange the proof like his/her date of birth certificate, proof of their residence in Canada, etc.


You need to have the patience for policy clearance and wait for the required period. So, after going through the above discussion, you are now expected to have a clear understanding regarding how to improve your Express Entry Application, especially during social distancing.

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