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What is the process to get a partner visa for Australia?

Australia partner visa process
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Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations who wish to migrate and stay permanently in.

Australia Partner visa Process:

Want your partners migrate to Australia like you? Consult Australia immigration consultant and make your dream come true. You cans apply a visa on-shore or off-shore and the requirements for both onshore and offshore are the same.

Onshore visa represents applying for the visa for Australia while you are in Australia and you should be in Australia when the visa is granted whereas offshore represents applying for the visa for Australia while you are outside Australia and you should be outside Australia when the visa is granted.

First of all, before applying sponsoring a Australia partner visa, you must be an Australian citizen and have lived in Australia for at least 2 years or a permanent resident (PR) of Australia.

 Australia Partner visa Process:

To be eligible for a partner visa, the person must be married/engaged to be married/in a registered relationship/ in a de facto partner to a PR or Australian citizen. If the sponsor is sponsored a visa in the last 5 years, he/she will not be eligible to sponsor a partner.

There are two types of visas – temporary and permanent. If you are a permanent resident and need permanent partner visa, first you need a temporary visa until you get a permanent visa. The period is about 2 years. You can apply for both types at a time. It is a 2 stage process. The first stage is applying for a temporary partner visa (820,309). According to the department of Home Affairs, the visa will be granted to you within 17-21 months (maximum of 2 years) from lodging the application for the partner visa. You can get a visa within 1 year if you lodge a Decision ready / Front-loaded application.


  • Onshore: Temporary partner visa (subclass 820), Permanent Partner visa (801)
  • Offshore: Temporary partner visa (subclass 309), Permanent Partner visa (100)
  • Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) or fiancé visa under subclass 300.
  • Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) or fiancé visa under subclass 300.



Based on this SC 820, you will automatically be granted a BVA (Bridging Visa A) until a temporary visa is granted. If you wish to travel to and fro Australia, then you have to apply for a BVB (Bridging Visa B).

When you apply under SC 801, you can be in or out of Australia when the visa is granted and it needs additional documents.


When you are applying outside Australia, you can visit Australia to know the details of the locations. If you are already in Australia, then you are asked to go out of Australia until you get the visa. You will not be granted a bridging visa.


The visa will be granted to you in the place where you have applied for it either in Australia or outside Australia. You will have permission to and fro Australia to your native country. It will be given to you for 2 years. And it will not renew or prolong. After 2 years, you will be outside of the country.


This is the second stage where you can apply for the permanent visa while you are in or outside Australia and you don’t need to pay any amount since you have paid at the first stage,  but need to submit additional documents.

Documents needed:

  1. Date of birth certificate
  2. Current passport and its details
  3. Personal details
  4. National identity card
  5. Proof of change of name (if applicable)
  6. Health certificate
  7. Character documents from police
  8. Relationship evidence certificate (Marriage certificate)
  9. Australian values statement
  10. No debts to the government of Australia (for the sponsor)
  11. Partner visa relationship statement (you both partners must provide written statement)


  • When the relationship between you and your partner is 5 years and more.
  • When you are married for 2 years and have children

STEPS (Australia For Partner Visa):

  1. Checking the essential documents and eligibility criteria
  2. Apply online for both 309 and 100 subclass visas/Apply for both 173 and 143 subclass visas
  3. Temporary visa 309/173 is granted
  4. After 2 years, submit additional documents
  5. Permanent visa (subclass 100/143) will be granted


Feel free to contact our Australia PR consultant if you need any advice or assistance.


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