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CRS points have dropped from the start of this year 2017. Number of ITAs increase in every draw. IRCC (Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada) plans to issue 73,700 ITA s (Invitation to Apply) for Federal economic programs in the year 2017 and the number of ITAs being issued so far, explains that Canada is keen on bringing in Immigrants as per their annual target this year. We are glad to summarize the gradual decrease in CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points and increase in number of ITAs issued since January. A total number of 3753 ITAs were issued in the latest draw held on 5th April, with lowest ever CRS score of 431.

Draw noDateNumber of ITA issuedMinimum CRS points
Express Entry Draw 2018
Draw 100 (FSTC)September 24400284
Draw 99 September 193,500441
Draw 98 September 53,900440
Draw 97 August 223,750440
Draw 96 August 83,750440
Draw 95 July 253,750441
Draw 94 July 113,750442
Draw 93 June 253,750442
Draw 92 June 133,750451
Draw 91 (PNP)May 30200902
Draw 91 (FSTC)May 30500288
Draw 90May 233,500440
Draw 89May 93,500441
Draw 88April 253,500441
Draw 87April 113,500444
Draw 86March 263,000446
Draw 85March 143,000456
Draw 84February 213,000442
Draw 83February 73,000442
Draw 82January 242,750444
Draw 81January 102,750446
Express Entry Draw 2017
Draw 80December 202,750446
Draw 79December 62,750452
Draw 78November 152,750439
Draw 77November 82,000458
Draw 76 (FSTC)November 1505241
Draw 75 (PNP)November 1290673
Draw 74October 182,757436
Draw 73October 42,801438
Draw 72September 202,871433
Draw 71September 62,772435
Draw 70August 233,035434
Draw 69August 92,991433
Draw 68August 23,264441
Draw 67July 123,202440
Draw 66June 283,409449
Draw 65May 313,877413
Draw 64 (FSTC)May 26400199
Draw 63 (PNP)May 26143775
Draw 62May 173,687415
Draw 61May 43,796423
Draw 60April 193,665415
Draw 59April 123,923423
Draw 58April 53,753431
Draw 57March 243,749441
Draw 56March 13,884434
Draw 55February 223,611441
Draw 54February 83,664447
Draw 53January 253,508453
Draw 52January 113,334459
Draw 51January 42,902468

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is also now open for CRS 400 and above. The OINP is now identifying qualified applicants from the federal government s Express Entry Pool and will issue Notifications of Interest to applicants that meet the criteria.

  1. Have a valid profile in the Express Entry Pool
  2. Qualify for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  3. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score: A minimum of 400 points in the CRS of IRCC s Express Entry System

We notice a positive trend right from the start of this year, January 2017 and with Ontario re-opening their Ontario Immigration Nominee Program / Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream, it is highly encouraging to submit your application into Express Entry Pool. This is the right time to initiate your Canada migration process as the turnaround time may be lesser than envisaged. And indeed, there is reason to believe that the CRS threshold may continue to decrease. Please contact your consultant for more information and to know success stories of clients who received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR