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Branch Number of Openings
Hyderabad 2
Mumbai 2
Chandigarh 2
Delhi 2

  1. Building strong and loyal clients' relationships, outlining sales, driving and meeting the goal for sales, managing all required processes, Keeping up-to-date with the current market, IELTS coaching, and price negotiation.
  2. Maintaining client-data record.
  3. Making sales by actively listening to the clients' requirements and presenting them in an appropriate way.
  4. Attending office-walking and overseas opportunities for counselling.
  5. Maintaining and developing loyal relationships with our existing clients through emails, calls, and in-person.
  6. Responding to all incoming calls and email enquiries on time and maintaining records accordingly.
  7. Proper team meeting for sharing all best practices, plans, goals, and achievements with colleagues.
  8. Sales performance review with the aim of meeting and exceeding sales targets.
  9. Achieving a clear understanding of clients' requirements and businesses.
  10. Calling clients to arrange meetings for a new business.
  11. Collecting all required clients' information and market details.
  12. Closing sales by negotiating terms and conditions of an agreement.
  13. Performing as an interface between our company and our existing potential markets.
  14. Building complete and detailed proposal documents as part of a formal bidding process as directed by the prospective client.
  15. Mailing clients' resumes after matching their profile with the current eligibility.

Branch Number of Openings
Hyderabad 2
Mumbai 2
Chandigarh 2
Delhi 2

  1. Actively responsible for processing the files of the assigned clients and ensuring the same.
  2. Reporting to the Branch Process manager.
  3. Active back-office member with the responsibilities of processing clients' requests and files.
  4. Supervising on completion of all relevant documents of visas and immigration and ensuring them to be received by the government of the destination country within time-limit.
  5. Communicating with our other branches, handling their clients' cases, and ensuring the documents to be dispatched as per commitment made to the clients.
  6. Forms, and document checklist explanation.
  7. Performing all relevant responsibilities on the new sign-ups from the sales managers.
  8. Proper guiding the clients in completing their forms and any relevant queries including documentation.
  9. Making on-time entries in CRM and recording them in EXCEL accordingly.
  10. Assessing all educational credential/skills processes depending on the case.
  11. Responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of the assigned clients.
  12. Following up with the clients regularly through email, calls, and in-person.
  13. All-time interaction with the clients and ensuring their on-time revert.
  14. Updating the clients as per their file-processing.

Branch Number of Openings
Hyderabad 3

Digital Marketing Team - Taking care of all online and offline activities to build, develop, and promote the company's website and its activities in order to attract more traffic and reach wider.

  1. Website Designing and Developing.
  2. Interactive Content Development.
  3. On-page and Off-page SEO.
  4. Content Marketing and Management.
  5. Social Media Marketing.
  6. Google AdWords.
  7. Analyzing Google Analytics Reports.
  8. Managing Google Webmaster Tools.
  9. Conversion Optimization.
  10. Email Marketing.
  11. YouTube Marketing.
  12. Website Security and Speed check.
  13. Communicating the success of the digital marketing team to the management.

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