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Employees are the greatest source of any country for business. Here are the types of visa which allow the companies or businesses to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia.

The 482 visa allows businesses based on Australia or overseas to sponsor overseas workers for a temporary work visa. The validity lasts up to 4 years. There are only some occupations that are eligible for TSS Visas. An employee must get paid at a market rate under this visa.

The Regional Sponsored Skilled Migration Scheme Visa is a permanent visa and requires a job offer in a regional area. The skill level criteria of RSMS are lower than ENS visa. The position of the job offer should be approved by a Regional Certifying Body. Employees under this visa are not allowed to take leaves within 2 years of obtaining the visa.

Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408 is for those people who come to Australia as an invited participant, for any sporting activities, for a domestic worker, as a religious worker, on exchange with an Australian business, as part of a special program, to work in an entertainment industry, or for any research activities with an Australian Institution.

Training Visa Subclass 407 is for those people who want to work as a professional development program or an occupational trainee.