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Free Skills Assessment

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 challenges, the Australian government is here to develop and implement initiatives to support the Australian skilled migration program. For example, the government has just introduced the three migrant skills incentives that indicate their commitment to supporting anti-Australian businesses to address skills shortages.

These targeted incentives will benefit at least 9500 onshore migrants who will be able to access fast free tract skills assessments and subsidised training to enhance their employment prospects.

The incentive runs faster migrant skill assessments. The fast-tracked skills assessments include onshore migrants who already submitted and paid for the skills assessment application on or before 20 February 2022 but have not received the outcome yet. It is only for priority occupations.

Free and fast track skills assessment opportunities for migrants include onshore applicants who can apply for a skills assessment in a priority occupation on or after 28 February 2022. It is generally for people who have not undergone previously any skills assessment for the nominated occupation from 28 February 2022to 23 June 2023.

Employability assessments are available under which underemployed onshore migrants who have previously received a suitable skills assessment outcome in a priority occupation will be offered a free employability access assessment to subsidise training to gain the specific skills required for the Australian job market.