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Global Talent Visa vs. General Skilled Migration program - Australia Permanent Residency


Visas like the skilled independent visa, skilled nominated, and skilled work regional professional visa was not processed during Australia's border closure and travel restrictions from 2020 to late 2021. The global talent visa, on the flip side, has gained a lot of popularity as it was one of the best options for skilled and talented individuals as it was specially designed to streamline the pathway to permanent residency for those who were considered outstanding global talent and high caliber.

The places allocated for the skilled independent visa program are only 6500 for 2021 to 2022. The global talent program was distributed to 15,000 homes, and it shows the Australian government's push to attract top-ranked talent in Australia. The low number of places allocated to the skilled independent visa also made the program quite competitive as the global talent visa became one of the most attractive options for several talented individuals in the past year. The Australian government had decreased the allocation for the worldwide talent visa to just 8448 people for this coming financial year. It means that the global talent visa will become more competitive now.

Your occupation does not need to be on the skilled occupation list to be eligible for the global talent visa. In addition, you do not have to have a skills assessment to prove that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience that align with the Australian standards to work in your occupation or profession.