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Western Australia Will Resume Invitations to the Applicants From July 2022


Western Australia has received some additional nomination allocation for the state nominated migration program from the department of the home affairs for the remainder of the 2021 to 2022 program your. Migration services will proceed with finalizing state nomination with the additional nomination allocation NAV available as applications are currently on hand. The applicants will be contacted as required. Next, applications for the state nominations are now being accepted, and the subsequent invitation round is anticipated to be held again. They are commencing in the 2022-2023 program, your people residing overseas An eligible to be considered for the Western Australia state nomination.

Invitations to apply for the Western Australia state nomination will be through the ranking system giving preference to the applicants currently residing in Western Australia. They have to be followed by those living in Australia and those living overseas. 2022 to 23 updated Western Australia state nomination criteria are now available. The year program will also allow candidates to exercise and expand more extensive graduate occupations list under the graduate stream. There are more than 300 occupations open. The expanded graduate occupation list will become available now and is outlined in the new Western Australia state nomination combined occupation list.

An easy-to-follow table of the occupations has been made available under the Western Australia skilled migration occupation list. The invitations to apply under the new grade occupation list will not commence until the 2022-2023 program. You need to monitor the migration portal for any further changes.