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Relocation Services, employee relocation or workforce mobility include a range of internal Business Processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location. AKKAM offers a wide range of integrated relocation services to make your mobility program hassle free, including everything from language training to Spousal Support. Your employees and associates may use a number of different relocation services as they settle into their new life. But for you, dealing with multiple service providers can be time consuming, unnecessary hassles and expensive. It can also lead to avoidable service inconsistencies. We have a wide range of integrated relocation services to help you get going in the new destination. Such business processes can include domestic residential services where an employee moves within a country or state as well as international relocation services which include planning for employees, managers etc. working abroad. An agency providing relocation services directs and manages the process of relocation including arranging necessary documents for visa and long-term stay permissions, finding a new house, accommodation and other such facilities, finding a school for children education, finding a job for the partner or "Trailing Spouse", arranging a teacher for the family for language training and introduce expatriates to the local culture / security environments.

Indian Visa and Immigration Assistance:-

Expats moving to India will discover a vibrant, pluralistic country that is the most populous democracy in the world, having one of the oldest cultures in the world and a treasure house for an inquisitive Tourist / scholars. With an economy fueled by growth in industries such as IT, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals, India is considered a top corporate out-sourcing destination and is predicted to be one of the largest consumer markets in the near future. New residents in India can explore the rich history and culture of the countryside while living in some of the world's most vibrant cities.

However before you can enjoy all that India has to offer, it is important to understand Indian Immigration Services and obtain permission to either visit or live within the country. Applying for visas to India can often be a long, complicated and Expensive Process, with many rules and restrictions to follow and adhere to in the current global environment. Depending on the type of visa you are trying to obtain, there are different requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to qualify.

Akkam can take on the responsibilities and take the pain out of applying for a visa in India, helping with your application and updating you on the progress till grant of visas when it's processed. Imagine the convenience of being able to keep track of the application status and renewal dates for all of your visas'all in one place.

Akkam with their client oriented services can assist with the following types of visas in India:-

India Business Visa: Issued for business meetings, sales review and intra company trainings, valid for six months with multiple entries.

India Student Visa: For professional journalists and photographers visiting India, valid for three months.

Conference Visa: Issued to foreign nationals attending conferences and meetings in India.

India Employment Visa: Issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are hired by Indian company or deputed by foreign companies to the branches in India. Visa is issued for a maximum period of 1 year or for the employment term, whichever is lower. Visa extension are applied and issued in India.

Dependent Visa: Issued to accompanying spouse and dependent children of an employment visa holder to stay in India.

Residential Permit Registration Certificate (RPRC): Issued by the Foreigner's Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in place of stay city in India to those foreign nationals who are issued employment and dependent visa. FRRO certificate is required to be carried with the passport during travel into and out of India.

Contact Akkam today, depending on your requirement, we can assist you to secure your India Visa .

Please remember that immigration laws may change without notice. For current and detailed information regarding updates as well as documentary requirements, processing times and any other information pertaining to your specific needs, speak with a Akkam Relocation coordinator today. Fill in our enquiry form for a free discussion on the aspects of your requirements and our assistance.

Orientation Assistance:-

If an employee and their family know what to expect from their new town or city, they can then make better, more informed decisions about where to live, how to educate their children, and even whether to move at all. All this makes it more likely that the employee will settle in and be able to focus on their new role. It also reduces the likelihood that the assignment will fail due to the unhappiness / dis-satisfaction of the employee or their family.

Akkam's orientation/preview trips are fully customisation, providing information on housing and schooling options, key amenities, shopping, recreation, medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, typical living conditions and any special security concerns. A trip can also be packaged alongside a home finding tour and/or familiarisation service to help the employee decide where to live, and therefore move more quickly and smoothly.

Home Finding Assistance:-

Office Support: Akkam Relocation specialists can analyse the needs of the assignee and family, liaise with suppliers and provide telephone support throughout the process to ensure it runs smoothly.

Needs Analysis: Detailed discussion to introduce our services, establish the family's requirements and address any queries, explain the local rental market and process, send needs analysis document and manage and discuss expectations that the employee may have about the new location.

Airport Pick up / Drop Off: Arrange one way pick up or drop off at the airport

Introduction to Local Estate Agents: Provide a list of local agents to contact. Note: this service type is not available in all locations, and is dependent on local conditions.

Setting up of Appointments for viewing: Research and source suitable properties to view within the preferred areas, set up appointments for an agreed date. Note: this part of the process is often referred to as a 'Desktop Home Search' or 'Unaccompanied Viewing'

Accompanying for Viewing of Properties: Meet and accompany the employee and family on property viewings (number of days on tour would be dependent on family size, location and corporate policy), debrief and assist the employee with short-listing preferred properties.

Negotiation of Rent & Lease Agreement:Negotiate where possible, the best possible rental price and rental terms, as per local practice, draw up and/or review the lease agreement and provide an explanation of clauses, if required and lease review and negotiation until all sides have approved and signed.

Provision of Furniture on rent and checking existing inventory Conduct needs analysis with the employee and their family and arrange delivery and collection as required

Connection of Utilities:Advise on providers, provide Contact Information and types of services available (utilities, phone, TV, broadband etc), apply for the service on behalf of the employee where possible (subject to local restrictions), keep records of account numbers for assistance with close down (when or if required).

Language Training Assistance:-

Improved fluency will give assignes confidence in both business and social situations. We offer a range of language courses, both in groups and one-to-one, specifically tailored for ability and needs of assignees and their families. This training can also be used in conjunction with AKKAM's unique cross cultural training course, enabling assignees to undertake a comprehensive cultural and language package.

Language training also enables employees and their families to engage more productively with people they meet, improving confidence in business and social situations. Our language training can teach speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including technical terminology if needed.

Partner Assistance:-

Akkam has a separate division of recruitment services and we can assist in career counselling and interview preparation, and advice on gaining self-employment and networking. We can also provide partners support in assimilating into their new environment with introductions to Social Organisations.

Job Search: Interview preparation, help the partner get in touch with professional and social networks.

Self Employment: Assist with exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, information on business start ups and guidance on resources, contacts and networking options.

Settling Phase of a Partner Personalized counseling and resources to help partners assimilate into the host location and guidance on networking and introduction to organisations to encourage involvement in activities, hobbies and meeting like minded people.

Culture Adaption Assistance:-

Employees and their families are more likely to settle into their host environment more smoothly if they understand what cultural and language differences they are likely to encounter and acquire early a degree of familiarity with the language. Issues caused by cultural or language misunderstandings can cause avoidable impediments, stress to the employee and distract them from their work and discourage, particularly those on first time overseas experience, to continue with their assignments and if their family has not settled-in, they are more likely to want to return home. This is especially the case if the employee and family are under particular pressure, for example if they have not lived abroad before.

Cultural and language training also helps employees work more effectively with local people from other cultures . An appreciation of how people of different cultures do business reduces time wasting caused by misunderstandings and ensures greater productivity in your business in a congenial social environment. Language training enables employees and their families to engage more productively with the people they meet, helping them settle-in and improving their confidence in business and social situations.

Education Assistance:-

Providing education assistance to the relocating family ensures that your employees can make informed decisions about their children's education. School places are limited in some locations, with places allocated on a first come, first served basis. A well informed parent is in a position to make prompt decisions, maximising their chances of success. All this gives them peace of mind. With their children settled into a new school, your employee can focus on their new assignment as soon as possible.

Education Introduction:Conduct a needs assessment with the family, discuss education options in the new country and differences between the home and host countries, provide information on schools, and the application processes, in the desired area and provide advice on alternative options, including special needs schools if appropriate and available.

Setting Up School Visits: Research and source suitable schools within the preferred areas and set up appointments for an agreed date.

Accompanied School Visits: Arrange, prepare and plan visits, prepare parents for visits and accompany visits to schools.

Assistance with Registration: Guide families through the application process, follow up with schools during waiting list period, provide alternative suggestions to parents while on wait list and telephone / email support during program.

Payment of School Registration Fees: Prompt payment of school registration fees on the employee / client's behalf to secure placement.

Departure Assistance:-

Moving household is a time consuming process, involving a multitude of administrative tasks. With our Relocation Specialists managing the entire process, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly, nothing is left to chance or forgotten and the employees can focus on their move back home.

The termination of a lease is also a time where companies can find themselves with additional financial liabilities. These can include damage claim payments and loss of deposit. Our stringent inventory checks ensure that employees and clients are not liable for erroneous dilapidation claims and that the employee retains as much of their deposit as legitimately possible.